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Wire cultural inside information of Fyeer sanitary ware

Magnet wire is single-strand copper wire coated with a thin layer of enamel. Since it has little insulation, it will likely be wrapped extremely tightly, making for a more powerful magnet. The one drawback is that stripping off the insulation is usually a bit difficult compared on track wire. A wire stripper will cut right through the magnet wire far from peeling off the the teeth, so a more delicate approach is used.
1. Learn to recognize what your magnet wire looks like when stripped. Scrape off a small piece of enamel with a create knife to get advantages of the shiny surface underneath. Whenever your magnet wire looks that way, it is properly stripping. Different techniques will work well for varieties of magnet wire, so you need to have a baseline.
2. Dip the long run of the magnet wire in its paint thinner. Pull it out to check if it has stripped off the enamel. 3. Heat the wire with a decent match or lighter. It should burn off the the teeth. 4. Sand over the wire with emery the print or fine sandpaper. Turn the wire to and from, pinching it with to get sandpaper. This will clean ly any charred residue through the lighter. 5. at its simplest works, scrape off the enamel from a craft knife. This is a time-consuming technique, and it isn’t easy to scrape all the way around without breaking the fact wire. Use this to be a last resort.

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